The Human Movement Expert

Helping others lead a pain free, empowering, healthy life by
Delivering world class therapy through rehabilitation, education, and community.

Unique Approach

Everyone’s journey is different.

So why should your health care be any different?

Working with those young and old, walking you through all stages of rehabilitation, where you can confidently execute and maintain your health and prevent further injury, independently.  

What I Offer

Pain and Injury Therapy

In pain and not able to pick up your kids? Or go for that hike? Or make it to the gym this week? It is time to get you out of pain and moving with confidence and strength.
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Community Events

Bringing women together through the outdoors and more, while empowering them through strength, support, and positivity.
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Coaching Weightlifting technique and active recovery/mobility classes at Crossfit FYP as well as 1:1!
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What People Say

Goes above and beyond any chiropractor I’ve visited before! Her understanding of anatomy and movement gives her a great ability to make recommendations to keep you active and your body healthy.

H. S.

Oh my gosh – Christine is AMAZING! I left feeling (physically in much better shape, as well as) listened to and so cared for. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate. I highly recommend!!


What Is Stopping You?

Let me help you become the healthiest version of you!